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~ art is love, and love is all that is worth living for.
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25th-Mar-2010 06:26 am - Menagerie
FFXIII Lightning
So every Senior in my high school has to do something called a Senior Project.  My friend and I decided to put on a play of abstract scenes created by us called Menagerie.  I would further explain it but a) I have to be at school in less than an hour and b) it's pretty impossible to explain.  One thing I can explain though:

There's a scene where I'm giving a tour inside a pretty weird insane asylum.  My first lines are "Welcome to our humble madhouse."  :D
22nd-Feb-2010 02:21 pm - "Which path will you choose?"
TOS - Spock groove
I have less than 4 months left.  In less than 4 months, high school is over.  This is both a relief and a burden.  I stand here at a broad and daunting fork in the road.  As of right now, my heart's biggest desire is to pursue a lifelong career of music.  Anything remotely involved with music at all would make me happy.  A completely unrealistic dream, perhaps, but not as unrealistic as another dream of mine, which would be to be an actor of either the stage or the screen.  I think that living my dream would be much more rewarding than doing something else wishing I could be pursuing my dream.  It would be miserable to not have music in my life.

A lot of people grow up knowing what their destiny is.  A kid can go from being in Little League Baseball to playing in the Major League and earning millions yearly.  Children who can't stop drawing and doodling can become artists.  But when I was a child, it was always music.  Always.  As a 2 year old in a crowded room, I was the only one playing the piano.  There are home movies of me as a 5 year old standing on an old tree stump "conducting" my parents in song.  For over a decade I've been playing instruments, learning more and more about the art of music and its power on the human mind, heart, and soul.

Yes, I relize that music is considered a hobby, but why not take it seriously? Why not?  My parents keep telling me that I should do something else, that music needs to be the passion outside of work.  I have many passions.  I want to live a life where I enjoy waking up in the morning and going to work.  I want to life a life where I can come home and feel like I accomplished something at work.  Isn't it possible to pursue a life of passion and happiness and love your job?  What do I choose?  Which path do I take? Only I have the answers to my own questions sadly
14th-Feb-2010 08:27 pm - Untitled I
FFXIII Lightning
I want to meet a guy so damn attractive my life turns into a movie for 10 seconds.  I want to hear the chorus of "Here Comes Your Man" play in my head as a drop-dead gorgeous guy comes walking my way in slow motion, with a smile on his face and a heart on his sleeve.  I want to meet that someone that doesn't exist in my world yet.

"Happy" Valentine's Day.
29th-Jan-2010 09:42 am - Now that I'm done cracking up...
GR - Geoffrey Ogle
*Takes a deep breath* OK- SO. I officially love Jib-Jab for this.  After doing that meme in my last post...you know....the guys I'd love to shag...Jen and I narrowed it down to 5 (it was actually kind of hard...) and it resulted in this.  I hope my fellow Rushies enjoy the featuring of Geoffrey Rush. :D

This also includes Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and Matthew Mcconaughey. ;D

28th-Jan-2010 03:57 pm - The Men You'd Do meme
FFXIII Lightning
1. Bold the names of guys you'd definitely shag.
2. Italicize the names of guys you might shag after a little persuasion.
3. Leave the guys who don't do anything for you alone.
4. Put a question mark after the guys you've never heard of.
5. Strike the guys you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.

Pervy meme is pervy...Collapse )
19th-Jan-2010 09:53 pm - I want to see the world.
GR - Shine
I've wanted to for a long time, and honestly, everyone at the geoffrey_rush community have sparked an interest in Australia for me. I've always wanted to visit Australia but that, and a dream I had one night, have inspired me even more.

Lindz babbles on about the future, la de da...Collapse )
13th-Jan-2010 09:19 pm - Writer's Block: Love is deaf
GR - Keyboardsmex ftw!
Could you spend the rest of your life with someone who had horrific taste in music? How important is it to you to share your love of music with a good friend or romantic partner?

I actually don't think I could.  Music is one of the most important parts of my life; it's something I'm incredibly passionate about, just as I am passionate about romantic partners or good friends.  That being said, I love sharing my musical tastes with other people, but if all they have to share in return is auto-tuned, iTunes Top-10 garbage with horrible lyrics (anyone heard Tik Tok by that "sensation" Ke$ha? Utter crap...) than...well...I just don't know, really.  I also cannot stand about 98% of rap. 

Ok- in a nutshell: For me, great taste in music  is one hell of a turn on; music = passion.  If a romantic partner's favorite music is something I loathe, than clearly there's a passion problem going on! XD
7th-Jan-2010 06:59 pm - Stupid Americans!
TOS - Kirk Facepalm
"Americans...stupid and gullible!  STOP SENDING THEM HERE!  We like this place without Americans!
...the point behind this video is to show an example how utterly STUPID it is to judge an entire group or culture of people based on isolated incidents."
  This is a quote by Blunty3000 on YouTube from this video.

Amurrrica. F*ck yeah.Collapse )
4th-Jan-2010 12:51 pm - Is it hot in here?
FFXIII Lightning
I failed to wish everyone (does anyone actually read this?) a happy new year in my last post.  So, happy new year!  I spent mine at a friend's house playing New Super Mario Bros. and lots and lots of Rock Band.  After the party was over, my best friend Jen and I went back to my house and FINALLY watched Les Miserables!  Yes, my first movie of 2010 was one in which Geoffrey Rush kicked some serious ass as Inspector Javert.  Once Javert appeared we literally had to open the window in my room because the temperature seemed to rise a few degrees.  His acting was wonderful, and as for his appearance...DAMN!  I've realized I probably come off as super pervy because all I can talk about is the hottness that is Geoffrey, but here's a big disclaimer: I love him for more than his looks! The looks are simply the icing on the yummy cake.  Speaking of desserts...

Pass the hot fudge sundae!Collapse )
2nd-Jan-2010 01:52 pm - Such a RUSH.
GR - Rush Crush <3
(Warning: I talk about cute asses for about half of this.)

I don't know what else to call it.  Over the past week, (end of 2009/beginning of 2010) I've watched the following Geoffrey Rush Films in this order: Quills, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, Shine, Candy, Les Miserables, and Lantana.  I have decided that I want to get as much Geoffrey Rush exposure as I can, to see his films and admire the greatness.  Of course saw Pirates of the Caribbean when it came out, and I was about 12.  However, this newfound obsession began when I heard about Quills from somewhere and browsed the IMDB boards.  When I read about GR's "cute ass" I regret thinking it now, but I will be honest; I laughed at the time.  "Hahaha...BARBOSSA? CUTE ASS? What are these people THINKING??!"  Geoffrey was roughly 48 or so when he made Quills.  Of course I found it hilarious that there was a possibility of him having a great body.  So, curiosity kicked in, and I found this video.  Honestly, my dear Rushies, I was scarred at first.

Yes...I might be quite crazy, but I'd tap that.Collapse )
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